Ellenís first book, Floorquilts, Fabric Decoupaged Floorcloths Ė No-Sew Fun, combines her artistic sensibilities and her talent for problem solving.

In this case, the problem that needed solving came on four legs, barked and considered all the corners of all Ellenís area rugs as his designated chew toys. 

Out of necessity came Floorquilts, the solution: durable, colorful fabric decoupaged floorcloths.  The book is published by C&T Publishing, available online and at many bookstores. 
ISBN#: 9781571204264

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Floorquilts contains clear and detailed instructions for projects that combine the look of handmade quilts with a method for improving raw fabric with added strength and the cutability of paper.

Follow the projects in Ellenís book or use her technique to create your own no-sew floorquilt designs.

Make carefree floor coverings that are unfazed by muddy feet, teething puppies, rolling desk chairs, bar stools or high chairs.


Since safety is an important consideration in the flooring department, making floorquilts includes applying a non-skid medium to the face as well as a good-grip coating to the underside.





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