Ever since my fingers were able to weave stretchy cotton loops into potholders, textiles have been my design medium of choice.  Sometimes on cool summer evening in my North Carolina hometown, I would go down to one of the local textile mills to watch as cotton threads, perhaps from nearby fields, were being woven into cloth.  I developed a respect for my grandmothers' fine handwork and an affinity for the southern textile tradition.

The broad field of textiles has provided a rich vocabulary for me as a designer in industries such as giftware, toys, home accessories, fashion, crafts and especially needlework.

I suspect that my bent for problem solving also has roots in the small town childhood that forced kids to create their own entertainment.

Spending the second part of my life in New York has provided me with access to countless resources to support my craft, as well as proximity to clients and mentors in publishing and manufacturing. At the Fashion Institute of Technology I honed my artistic and technical skills, business acumen and my focus on design.

Surrounded by these supportive elements, I cannot imagine a better circumstance for practicing the career I love.